Hangar Door & Anchor Capston

Material Details / Specification will be uploaded soon (under updation)

Our telescopic Hangar Door consists of two vertical columns, a Drive Unit, an Upper Beam and Lamelleas. The lamellaes engage in a telescopic way and fit in the Upperbeam when the door is in an opened situation. The bottom lamellae is on both sides connected with an endless chain. Each chain runs through the column. Both chains are driven by a shaft that is connected to the Drive Unit. The shape of the bottom lamellae, in combination with its rubber seal makes the hangar door tight with the deck. The hangar door is very light in weight compared to other doors thats due to the design of the door. It also takes up minimum space. The design makes it possible to adopt the Clear Opening of the Door to dimensions up to 15 meters wide and 6 meters high. In a closed situation the hangar door is Light- & Weathertight. The design of the hangar door is strong enough to withstand helicopter operations (downwash of the helicopter when landing & taking-off) from the deck. Ice or salt build-up will cause no problem at all to open the hangar door. The electrics of the hangar door meet MIL-STD-462E standards. The Control box and the Drive Unit have successfully passed a MIL-STD-901D shocktest. The hangar door itself has been shock analyzed in accordance with MIL-STD-901D. In case of a power loss at the ship the Hangar Door can be opened and closed by the means of a manual (or an optional pneumatic) back-up system for opening and closing. The telescopic hangar door is easy to maintain and requires minimal man hours for maintenance on an annual base.