PCI Gases

Oxygen And Nitrogen Plants

Tidewater Advanced Materials Limited has enter into an agreement with PCI Gases, USA, To market there products/items in India -preferably with Defense sector. PCI Gases is One of the leading manufacture of Oxygen And Nitrogen Plants and has been suppling to US Navy from past many years.

Joint Agreements


PCI manufactures state-of-the-art portable liquid oxygen plants that are used on aircraft carriers and as Aviation Ground Equipment (AGE) to provide pilot Aviator Breathing Oxygen (ABO). From air transportable plants designed for rapid loading in transport aircraft to plants permanently installed aboard the latest aircraft carriers. In addition, our Mobile Oxygen Storage Tank (MOST) can be utilized for supporting high altitude breathing when required for the crew or oxygen saturation for paratroops. A list of global customers include the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and air forces from the following countries; Republic of Korea, Thailand, Italy, U.K., Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan.


PCI's Aviation Ground Support Solutions Division provides systems that are deployed and operating around the world. These systems are used to supply the oxygen and nitrogen needs for military aviation ground support and medical applications. PCI has manufactured over 2000 nitrogen generator units for militaries worldwide. Our membrane nitrogen products use an innovative approach to supporting and servicing aircraft by producing high purity nitrogen at the point-of-use on the flightline. The HP SGNSC has been modified to provide high purity nitrogen designed specifically for the F-16 aircraft. These carts are far superior to existing, outdated, and expensive methods of supplying nitrogen as they eliminate the logistical tail associated with replacing high pressure gas cylinders or liquid conversion systems. No more shipping 160 pound nitrogen cylinders that only contain 18 pounds of nitrogen. No more hauling heavy, expensive cryogenic tanks to resupply the liquid oxygen. No more nitrogen logistical support...period!

(Note :- Above write up/ Matter obtained from PCI Gases, USA and this is property of PCI Gases, USA)